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Bluegrass Unlimited review of Return to Trion:"This Canadian duo is back after their release Farewell To Trion with an even stronger set of material featuring Coole's wonderful banjo playing and Rosenberg's delightful resonator guitar mastery...The arrangements show off the virtuosity of these two great musicians while enhancing each piece. The clarity and rich substance of the material is shown in a new light drawing the listener's ear to aspects sometimes lost in the rush...If you are a fan of great music that doesn't always follow the rules, look no further."

Banjo Newsletter review of Return to Trion: "Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg's Return to Trion is the follow-up to their terrific 2010 recording, Farewell Trion. Coole sings and plays clawhammer and guitar, while Rosenberg plays Dobro, resophonic banjo and sings. The eleven resulting tracks are stunning...." - Banjo Newsletter

Bluegrass Unlimited review of Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg Farewell Trion:"Strong material, rich vocals, and highly accomplished musicianship place this project at the top of the list. The careful juxtaposition of the old and new bring a depth to the performances that only comes with a true knowledge of the genre. When a CD keeps working its way to the number one spot in your listening priorities, it has to have that special something."

Banjo Newsletter review of Farewell Trion:"For a 'two-man' folk festival, you could look to Doc Watson and David Holt, or, on the strength of their first album together, Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg... While Coole hammers out a rock-steady groove, Rosenberg's dobro in effect assumes the fiddle's 'voice' in the arrangements. The result is a unique sonic melange of old time and bluegrass--sort of 'Josh Graves meets Kyle Creed.' ...This is a well-chosen collection of old-time music expertly performed by a pair of very talented musicians."

Henry Koretzky, Bluegrass Unlimited review of Oldies and Old Time: "A beguiling trip through the backwaters of American music history by a very entertaining guide."

Gary Whitehouse, Sleeping Hedgehog: "I can't say enough good things about Oldies and Old Time."

Foxbeard Music: "If you're like me, be prepared to fall in love with Ivan's effortless mastery of the Dobro and clawhammer banjo."

Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET: "Rosenberg, who sings in an intimate, whispery growl with the instruments tuned low, turns in a stirring performance of the ordinarily execrable "Danny Boy." I'd judge that as close to a miracle as one is likely to encounter in this world, and I stand in awe."

“It is only a matter of time until Ivan Rosenberg becomes universally recognized as one of the more prolific masters of the resonator guitar.”
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine review of Back to the Pasture

“One of the best instrumental recordings I've heard this year is Ivan Rosenberg's Clawhammer and Dobro. Ivan is a banjo and resonator guitar player who writes simply irresistible tunes in that wide-open, almost-no-man's-land between contemporary bluegrass and old time”
– Donald Nitchie, editor of Banjo Newsletter

"In the right hands, the resonator guitar is eminently capable of duplicating a myriad of emotions - from a jubilant, euphoric shout all the way to a primeval, gut-wrenching moan. In the right hands, it becomes an instrument of impassioned feeling, dark mystery and great beauty. Ivan Rosenberg has those right hands.
— Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio

“Once again, Ivan Rosenberg has created a musical delight with Clawhammer and Dobro, a welcomed variation from the ordinary.”
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine









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Since releasing his first solo album in 2001, Ivan Rosenberg has gained a dedicated following for his melodic, expressive acoustic music on Dobro and clawhammer banjo. Millions have heard his original songs in the background of well over 400 television programs and films including The Daily Show, Oprah, Call of the Wildman, History Detectives, the Special Edition DVD of Serenity, and the Hollywood blockbuster Kangaroo Jack. Ivan earned an IBMA Award for co-writing the 2009 Song of the Year; played on the Jerry Doulgas-produced CD Southern Filibuster: A Tribute to Tut Taylor; and performed with Chris Coole, The Foggy Hogtown Boys, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, the April Verch Bigger Band, Lizzy Hoyt, Chris Stuart & Backcountry, Zachary Lucky, Allison Lupton, and many more. Ivan has taught at music camps over 80 times and has been a regular at Walker Creek Music Camp, Old School Bluegrass Camp, Nashville Dobro Camp, Sore Fingers, ResoSummit, California Bluegrass Association Music Camp, 108 Mile Cabin Fever Bluegrass Workshop, NBCMS Acoustic Music Workshop, and the British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop.


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