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Clinesmith Resonator and Steel Guitars

J. Romero Old-Time and Resonator Banjos

Dobro Resources


Skype lessons with Mike Witcher

Squareneck Journal

Elderly Instruments

Lessons with Troy


More Dobro Links!

Rob Ickes

Michael Witcher

Billy Cardine

Mike Auldridge

Sally Van Meter

Andy Hall

Rob Anderlik

Tab Tabscott

Abbie Gardner

Jim Warren

Paolo Ercoli

Doug Cox

Steve Dawson

Orville Johnson

Stacy Phillips

Laura Carrivick

Mike Grigoni

Todd Livingston

Fragment (Henrich Novak)

Pete Grant

Chris Stockwell

Greensky Bluegrass (Anders Beck)

Uncle Josh Graves

Phil Leadbetter

Roger Williams

Mark Lavengood

Jimmy Heffernan

Lou Wamp

Keith Baumann

The Henrys (Don Rooke)

Greg Booth

Viper Central (with Tim Tweedale)

Tragically Hick (Jack Loree)

Kathy Barwick

LeRoy Mack

Druha Trava (Lubos Novotny)

Wolfgang Reimer

Mike Lundstrom

Martin Gross


Learn Dobro and Bluegrass Jamming from Ivan at the following Music Camps

Nashville Dobro Camp - Nashville, TN

ResoSummit - Nashville,Tennessee

Walker Creek Music Camp - Petaluma, California

SoreFingers Summer School - United Kingdom

Old School Bluegrass Camp


Clawhammer Links

J. Romero Old-Time and Resonator Banjos

Banjo Hangout

Chris Coole

Jason and Pharis Romero

Adam Hurt

Steve Baughman

Chuck Levy

Arnie Naiman


Musicians and bands to check out!

Aaron Parrett

Mighty Squirrel

Chad Manning

Lizzy Hoyt

Eric Uglum

David Thompson

David Keenan

April Verch

Ben Winship

John Reischman and the Jaybirds

Julie Elkins

Jake Schepps

John Lowell

The DownTown Mountain Boys

Natalia Weinstein

The Foggy Hogtown Boys

Greg Schochet

Larry Sparks

Leon Hunt

Bill Amatneek

Megan Lynch

Jim Nunally

Grant Gordy

Joe Walsh

Rosalyn Dennett

The Slocan Ramblers

Michael Peters

Lonesome Ace Stringband

Kristine Schmitt

The Barrel Boys

The Hit Pickers


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